Facts and Figures

Time passes by – but quality lasts. “... Hospitality is our major strength” – We at Bayer Gastronomie have chosen this motto as being symbolic of ourselves and our attractive catering range when dealing with the demands and wishes of the public at large.

In 1902 we were launched as a “workers’ canteen” at what was then the Farbenfabriken Bayer (Bayer Paint Company) – purely with a view to providing meals for the staff. During the years that followed the Bayer Group subsidiary went determinedly about expanding its expertise on the hospitality market.

Today Bayer Gastronomie operates several hotels, seminar and conference facilities, public restaurants, retail outlets and a wine cellar. All our goods and services are available to the general public. Our catering service, with our delicious food and professional range of services, makes a highlight out of every public event and private celebration.

Top service for every occasion, friendly and customer-orientated service – that is the non-plus-ultra for our over 600 excellently-trained employees. The customer is king – and our motivated team does everything in its power to track down and implement the very latest trends as well as to preserve the tried and trusted in customary style. Our specially trained staff do more than simply fulfil all our customers’ needs at our 4 star superior-style hotel, our stylish restaurants, noble hotels in the city and recreational hotels located in idyllic country surroundings.

Another major attraction for our guests from near and far: Our catering role at the BayArena in Leverkusen. The football stadium has matured into an all-year-round event location.

Bayer Gastronomie’s employees are there to make all your dreams come true – they are like the icing on the cake – paying attention to every little detail to make you relax and feel perfectly at home.

Apart from our love of good food we all share the same love of perfection, creativity, innovation and affection for our guests - and we would like to keep things just that way in future. We are one of the largest providers of vocational training in the region, training our young career starters and getting them qualified in all the five catering professions.