Catering – designed together


Our mission statement


We are a 100% subsidiary of the Bayer Group. All the values described in Bayer’s mission statement – as well as their behaviour rules vis-a-vis the community and the environment – are also upheld by Bayer Gastronomie.

Our mission statement is composed of our past successes, our “mission” and that which we aim to achieve – our “vision”.

We see our task as being that of providing our guests with the very best, high-quality service. This in turn will enable us to realise a profit in the long term which can be invested in the future of both our company and our employees. We offer our business partners individual, value-creating catering services and solutions – in all shapes and sizes.


1st mission statement

"Our guest remains at the centre of our focus"

With this mission statement we associate:

  • Recognising and realising individual customer requirements
  • Treating one another as partners
  • Providing and living quality

2nd mission statement

"We act in an innovative, reliable and responsible manner"

When we think of this mission statement we think of:

  • An entrepreneurial approach
  • Sustainability
  • Treating one another as true partner

3rd mission statement

"Our employees are the solid foundation on which our company is built"

When we think of this mission statement we think of:

  • Trust, integrity and respect
  • Personal development
  • Honesty
  • Our families
  • Intercultural understanding

4th mission statement

"A love of detail can be an inspiration to everyone"

When we think of this mission statement we think of:

  • Creativity
  • Courage
  • Motivation and taking the initiative