The glossy magazine, feine adressen, for exclusive connoisseurs, sophisticated globetrotters and discerning gourmets published a report about the Bayer Gastronomy wine cellar in the restaurant in Leverkusen in its II/2011 Rhine/Ruhr issue.

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An article about delicio, the Bayer Gastronomy catering service, is to be found on page 14 of the III/2011 issue of both the Düsseldorf/Rhine-Ruhr and Cologne/Bonn magazines.

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In the 3/2011 issue of Made in Leverkusen there is an article about the Bayer Gastronomy catering service delicio.

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In the current 01/2011 edition of the GVmanager journal there is a report on the new Bayer Gastronomie brands.

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