Bayer Gastronomy considers the issue of sustainability very important. This issue does not only involve the efficient use of resources but also the preservation of these and the search for alternative products.

An important aspect with regard to purchasing is the preference for suppliers with proven sustainability. Bayer Gastronomy GmbH also places its focus on regional suppliers and contributes in this way to the preservation of resources.

A balanced diet and the reduction of additives play a vital role for Bayer Gastronomy. This can particularly be noticed in the “Kantina vital” range. “Kantina vital” stands for a fresh, balanced and nutritious diet as a basis for optimal job performance.  In addition to the offered set meal it is also possible to put an individual meal together according to one´s own individual preferences. A further extension of these individual choices and price according to the actual weight also help us to reduce unnecessary waste.

We need strong partners to enable us to offer such a wide range of food. We have the same high expectations of our suppliers than we have of ourselves. We give precedence to suppliers with proven sustainability, whereby electronic data-transfer plays an important role. Through this we have been able to help, as one of the few companies in the final processing phase, to preserve resources such as paper by sending orders, invoices and bills electronically. In order to preserve more resources we are constantly modernizing and optimizing our business operations.