“Nowadays our guests value variety, freshness, diversity and having the goods presented in an attractive manner in exclusive surroundings. It is important to achieve the right balance between enjoyment and a healthy, balanced diet.”

This is how Sascha Witt, General Manager of the Bayer Gastronomie, sums up the philosophy behind the Bayer Group’s modern staff canteens.

This key principle does not centre on the “catering establishment” function but rather focuses all our activities on our guests and their specific desires.

A good meal is like balm for the soul – we would like to use this proverb to say, “Enjoy your meal” to all our Kantina visitors at the Bayer Group sites!


Kantina vital

Our Kantina vital programme offers our canteen guests the opportunity to eat a well-balanced meal every day, thus sustaining their “vitality” in today’s dynamic world of work…. more

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